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Hitech Digital School Broadcasting System

Product Description

School Broadcasting

Two Way PA Broadcasting System - All rooms are connected on a Single cable. No need to lay 50 cables for 50 rooms or 80 cables for 80 rooms. Key Features:
1. Fully digital Switching
. 2. Mode of operation
    (a) All Call mode
    (b) Group call: 05 Groups of 10 rooms each.
    (c) One to one call
    (d) Selected rooms call
    (e) Listening mode (Spying mode)
    (f) External Audio Mode: External music can be played through Computer, Laptop, Mobile, iPod etc
    (g) Automatic Bell Ringing System.
3. No external amplifier, speaker or microphone is required
4. No external audio switcher is required
5. Reduced number of items makes it easy to maintain. 6. Reduced wiring cost (up to 1/10 th)

System components:
1. Master Unit: To be installed in Director/Administrator/Principal Room. Master unit consists of Mic, speaker and 16X2 character menu driven LCD display. 24 Key keypad to instruct the system in user friendly manner. 2. Slave Unit: To be installed in classrooms / Labs / Staff rooms / Activity Rooms / Department Cabins etc. Consists of builtin speaker & Mic.
3. Power Supply: One Linear supply unit for 05-08 slave units. Operation:
1. One to One Communication with Talk Back (Two - Way Communication): Master (Principal/Admin/Directors unit) can speak as well listen to any selected room without disturbing other rooms.
2. All Call / General Announcement : Announcements of common interest can be made using ALL CALL feature. Voice will be audible in all Slave / Classroom units connected with this system.
3. Group Call : User can make 05 groups upto 10 rooms each for making group announcements. Groups can be made of rooms sharing common interests like Senior sections, junior section, playgroups, staff rooms etc.. 4. Selective Call : Rooms other than group made, can be called selectively by entering room numbers directly in Master controller.
5. External Audio: 3.5mm Jack is provided at the back of Master controller for playing music from external devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile etc.
6. Automatic Bell Ringing System: Most advanced feature rich automatic school bell system is integrated with this system. User can program whole day schedule and bell will ring automatically. All 7 days of of week can be programmed with different time tables.
7. Micro-SD Card : Provisions to mount Micro-SD card. User can upload desired sound files to use as bell sounds or for playing music. 53 sound files are factory loaded. These 53 sound files include various combinations like female voice narration - This is Period No 1, its your lunch time etc. and traditional Tawa bell sound “Tan-Tan”.
8. Calendar Holidays - User can program 10 Holidays for each month. So total 120 holidays excluding Sundays can be programmed in this device. Bell will not ring on these holidays.

User Interface:-
Master Unit:
1. 24 Key keypad for user interface.
2. 16X2 LCD Display.
3. Jack for connecting any desired Micro-Phone.
4. 3.5mm jack for playing external audio.
5. Volume Control Knob for speaker unit.
6. Jack for mounting Micro-SD card.
Slave Unit:
1. Built In Micro-Phone.
2. 4” Speaker.
3. Volume Control Knob

School Bus CCTV and GPS Solutions


Live tracking ie. the system provides real-time location data that displays the movement of the bus along with the date and time stamp, direction, speed and number of students in the bus on a map.
For Parents: Track the child getting in/out of the bus and entering or leaving the School.
Many more alerts can be configured with the system in cases such as:
If their child/employee does not board the bus when it leaves from the school/office
If bus takes a halt between school and home
If the bus breaks down
If bus is deviated from it’s path
Emergency (Panic) Button
Supports multiusers
GPS device with internal battery back – up
Stores data upto 120 days
Regular and up-to-date reports of vehicles


School management remains informed about location, speed of school bus with information of students travelling in bus
Parents remain informed about real time location of bus and pick – up and drop updates of their child via android notification/sms on mobile phones
Availability of Panic button to inform school administrators/bus controllers in case of emergency Reporting on vehicle performance over user specified time interval
Remote Immobilization : Remotely stop your vehicle
Real time, multiple vehicle tracking for schools